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The highly skilled team from HES Cranes are the experts you need for all air hoist services, including repairs, maintenance, and installation. As an independent supply company, we can provide air hoists from trusted manufacturers such as ENDO and KITO, allowing us to provide you with unbiased advice and the best solution for your unique requirements!

Air hoists will provide the ideal solution for a range of industries, and are particularly useful in high risk environments where the risks of ignition must be carefully managed

The compressed air operation makes these hoists suitable for chemical plants and other environments where hazardous materials may be handled. They are compact and lightweight in design, with the option of pressure sensitive push button operation. Easily adjust between low and high speeds for effortless loading, unloading, and transport. Choose a wire rope air hoist for a lightweight design with a good load capacity, or opt for the chain type air hoist which will display excellent toughness and wear resistance whilst handling increased loads.

When you choose an air hoist installation you are investing in increased work efficiency as the burden for operators is greatly reduced. You will also be given the option of smooth, low speed operation models with capacity for heavier loads, or compact and portable models that support high speed operation

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Air hoist installation

With extensive experience gained from working in manufacturing and construction industries, our team are able to offer their expert advice and support for a range of workplaces. We work with manufacturers, the entertainment industries, and those in transport and logistics to provide the high-quality solutions that they require when it comes to air hoist installations, repairs, and maintenance.

The team at HES Cranes are dedicated to providing the very best in customer service – finding and designing solutions that are the perfect fit for each of our customers’ unique lifting requirements.

Air Hoist Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Whatever type of industry you are in, you will be able to rely on our team to conduct routine air hoist maintenance and comprehensive air hoist repairs. We will consult with you to set a servicing and inspection schedule for your overhead lifting equipment and slings, adhering to the current Australian Standards and Occupational Health & Safety regulations for the industry and equipment.

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