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Simple and easy to use – reliable and safe in operation – long-lasting and easy to maintain. GIS electric chain hoists have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland for more than 55 years. Hundreds of thousands of them are in operation worldwide – stationary or mobile.

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The GP is simple in its structure and does not contain any sensitive electronics, which minimises the risk of operational interruptions. It is characterised by quiet running and is made for longevity whilst working hard. The ergonomic control switch with 42 V low voltage allows convenient and safe working. Maintenance is easy, quick and needs no special tools.

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Profile steel chain

The case hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides about 15 % more capacity at an identical nominal diameter when compared to thetraditional round steel chain. The larger cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The load hook with stable, guided hook latch and safety rubber buffer provides maximum safety

Control switch

The control switch fits comfortably in your hand and is ergonomically designed. It is robust, impact resistant, safe to operate and controlled by 42 V low voltage. Push buttons placed in parallel increase the ease of operation. The external strain relief protects the control cable.

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Polygonal connection

The inner part of the modularly designed chain hoist embodies real innovation. All shaft-hub connections are built to a polygonal design. This allows significantly faster disassembly and assembly during maintenance and thus reduces service costs. The service cost can be considerably reduced due to time savings.

Protection class IP65

A feature of the hoist and the control switch is the protection class IP65. It is dust proof and protected against water jets. As it is compact and robust designed, the GP is best suited for dusty environments as well as for outdoor operation.

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GIS electric chain hoists are used everywhere, where process safety of crane systems is important: in the hard three-shift operations in the automotives and other high production industries, in dusty or chemical aggressive environments, for outdoor use, for the entertainment industry or for extreme lifting heights in wind power plants. GIS electric chain hoists and trolleys are made to high standards. The safety factor of the load chain is at least 8 (DIN EN 14492 A5, ISO M5) which reduces wear and tear and increases the service life.

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