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FER2 (Food/Corrosion Resistant)

FER2 (Food/Corrosion Resistant)

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Food Grade Electric Chain Hoist

Food Grade Electric Chain Hoist

1/2 to 2 metric tonne capacities For contaminant controlled or corrosive environments.

Kito’s Food Grade ER2 Electric Chain Hoist is well-suited for lifting applications in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing industries where pristine cleanliness is critical. Food grade lubricants used on the load chain and in the gearbox are NSF H1 compliant for safe use in any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern. The standard model also features white epoxy paint, stainless steel and nickel-plated hardware, and nickel-plated load chain making this hoist well-suited for contaminant controlled or corrosive processing environments.

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Standard Food Grade Features
Standard Food Grade Features
  • White Epoxy Paint
  • Nickel-Plated Load Chain
  • Food Grade Oil and Grease
  • Stainless Steel and Nickel-Plated Hardware
  • Fail Safe Brake
  • White Epoxy Bottom Hook
  • Stainless Steel Hook Latch
  • Extreme Duty TEFC Motor
  • NSF H1 Compliant Food Grade Grease and Oil
  • CSA Electrical Certification
  • ASME B30.16 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-1 Performance Standard
  • Grade 80, Case Hardened Chain
  • IP55 Environmental Protection

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