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For all the crane spare parts you need, come to HES Cranes and we’ll get your equipment exactly what it needs to get back to work! Thanks to our huge range of cranes, as well as our experience and expertise in installing, training, servicing and repairing cranes of all shapes, sizes and types, we’re best placed to help you figure out what’s wrong and what you need to solve any problems.

Like all of our cranes, the range of crane spare parts we have are of the highest quality, meaning any crane parts you choose will be reliable and do exactly what you need. This is why we’re the most trustworthy option for anyone looking for crane spare parts across Melbourne.

If you’re unsure of what exactly your crane needs, and a service isn’t possible, our experienced team are here to help. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what the situation is and help you come up with a solution by identifying the right crane spare parts to get your operation running smoothly again.

Crane Parts Melbourne

Crane Parts Melbourne

HES Cranes are known for providing the best crane parts in Melbourne. We have a fantastic range for our customers to choose from, and all of the highest quality. We have the crane parts that will keep your equipment working smoothly, allowing your business to keep running without interruption.

All of the crane parts in Melbourne from HES Cranes are from top brands, so no matter what crane you have, we can help get it running again. From our repair and maintenance experience, we’re experts in all types of cranes and what parts they need to work efficiently, delivering you the best results.

Crane Wheels

Crane Wheels

For any mobile or portable cranes, one often forgotten element are the crane wheels. Not only are these needed to move your crane to the desired location, it should be easy and stress-free. If you encounter problems moving your crane, then you might need new crane wheels and we have a great selection at HES Cranes to choose from.

Portable cranes shouldn’t move all the time, especially when lifting, as this can cause unexpected movements and result in injuries. The brakes are designed to help you operate this equipment safely, and this is directly linked to the crane wheels, so make sure both elements are in great condition.

To find out more about crane parts in Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly and professional team at HES Cranes today.

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