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J.D. Neuhaus – Air
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J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists – Proven Performance in Hazardous Conditions

With more than 25 years of industry experience, HES Cranes can provide custom crane and hoist solutions that offer effective results in even the harshest worksite environments. If you’re looking for chain hoists that do away with the electric drive, we are proud to recommend and supply the J.D. Neuhaus range.

J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists boast trouble-free performance, cost-effective operation, and the utmost safety, making them the premium choice for tough environments. Minimal cleaning or lubrication is required, and these hoists avoid the explosive risks associated with electric drives.

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German Engineered

Nothing says quality, precision, or uncompromising standards like a German-engineered air hoist. Perfect for oil, gas, and mining applications – to name just a few – you can’t go past the advantages on offer from the German-engineered, designed, and manufactured J.D.N. Air Hoists. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our specialists.

Electric vs Air: The Exclusive Advantages of Air Hoists

When compared to hoists with electric drives, air hoists offer a range of added benefits, including:

  • Increased safety, especially in high-risk explosive environments
  • Precision control at higher speeds
  • No need for additional electrical services – simply utilise existing plant air
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ATEX Certified and Explosion-Proof

Do you work in a high-risk area where ATEX certification is required? When it comes to explosion-proof air hoists, J.D. Neuhaus hoists are the best in class. When compared to electric hoists, air hoists are highly effective at reducing explosions associated with dust, flammable gases, and explosive gases. J.D. Neuhaus hoists also reduce the explosion risk in general, making them ideal for industries such as mining, petrochemical, and grain handling.

J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists meet ATEX certification requirements and offer a higher grade of protection for you and your worksite.

Optimal Results in Hot and Cold Conditions

As well as faring better in the presence of dust, air-powered hoists also offer optimal results within a wider temperature range than electric hoists.

The standard operating range for a J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoist motor is -20°C to 70°C. Meanwhile, the hook and chain can withstand 150°C.

With fluid power controls and an air-operated system, your J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoist will excel at large lifting operations and in other circumstances here electric systems are pushed to their limits.

Need a hoist for cryogenic and diving applications? J.D. Neuhaus subsea systems boast a standard operating range as low as -45°C, which is perfect for these applications.

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Cleanliness on the Inside and Out

Featuring premium-grade materials, permanent motor lubrication, and a range of other innovative features, J.D. Neuhaus systems are the perfect solution for clean, reliable, and low-maintenance operations.

Your J.D.N. system will keep muck out of the air hoist, help to maintain worksite cleanliness, and provide a system that you can rely on without the need for excessive maintenance.

Food-grade J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists are available, so enquire with our team if this is essential to your sector.

Precise Positioning Thanks to Variable Speed Control

Unlike electric-powered hoists, our J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists offer both precision and speed when it comes to the positioning of your loads. These hoists are perfect for vertical and horizontal pulling.

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J.D. Neuhaus Mini Air Hoists Are Available

Get the right size hoist for your application thanks to the mini air hoists from HES Cranes. Boasting a low maintenance, easy to use, and comfortable design, J.D.N. Mini Air Hoists offer extended operating times and precision lifting as well as speed and safety.

Some of the benefits of J.D. Neuhaus Mini Air Hoists include:

  • Carrying capacity up to 980kg
  • Maximum full load lifting speed of 20m/minute
  • Up to 800 hours of continuous operation, with minimal downtime for maintenance
  • 6 bar or 4 bar air pressure
  • Dust resistant
  • -20°C to 70°C temperature range
  • No lubrication required
  • Low noise and lightweight
  • 100 % duty rating – no limit on motor duty cycles!
  • And much more

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Secure your J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoist or enquire about the best solution for your application. HES Cranes also offers comprehensive testing, inspections, and field servicing across Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria, so get in touch for your service and support requirements. Phone 1800 HES CRANES, email [email protected], or submit our online form today.

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