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The Tranchero range are extremely compact allowing them access to the tightest of work areas, possible due to Gruniverpal Tranchero’s patented Kinematic Hoisting System. Choosing a Gruniverpal Tranchero crane from us means you are guaranteed quality from a brand known worldwide, and as an exclusive supplier in Australia, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Features Of Gruniverpal Tranchero Cranes Include:
  • Gruniverpal Tranchero’s state-of-the-art patented Kinematic Hoisting System
  • True vertical lifting with no oscillation (ideal for mould lifting)
  • Very compact, allowing access to even the smallest of work areas
  • Dynamic braking system
  • Anti-tilt mechanism
  • Readily available spare parts
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The Tranchero Cranes Can Be Fitted With Many Accessories And Options, Including
  • Wire rope winches (ideal for lifting between floors)
  • Custom designs to suit customer’s specific requirements
  • Remote controls
  • Jib arms and attachments
  • Slewing boom arms
  • Built-in battery charger
For presses with clamping forces up to 180t.

A machine with large-scale design for small-scale operations, the GB Series embodies the calling to share in detail our customer’s needs. Designed to perform in tight spaces, the GB Series is ideal for applications both in the plastics industry and in industrial maintenance applications.

The GB Series solves many common challenges, thanks to Gruniverpal’s research and technology.

View our gallery and videos, and learn more about Gruniverpal Tranchero’s GB Series range.

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For presses with clamping forces from 180 to 2400t.

The proper solution for absolute precision positioning of press moulds during lifting operations, from plastic injection producers to aluminium foundries. Top of the range, this series of pick & carry cranes is the most advanced, high-technology expression of Gruniverpal Tranchero’s cutting-edge manufacturing, strengthening their position as leaders in the international market.

At HES Cranes we are passionate about improving the quality and standard of workplaces across Melbourne and beyond. To speak to a member of our knowledgeable and dedicated team business owners across Melbourne are encouraged to call us today. View our gallery and videos, and learn more about Gruniverpal Tranchero’s Minidrel ‘S’ Series.

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