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Drawing directly on our years of unmatched and reliable experience the skilled and dedicated team at HES Cranes are here to improve the safety and productivity of workplaces and industrial environments across Melbourne’s metropolitan area and beyond. Utilising innovative and proven techniques our professional team can assist you in selecting the right industrial crane for you and the needs of your company.

To ensure that our customers and clients receive the best quality cranes and crane materials we have developed a wide range of hand-selected industrial cranes capable of enhancing the daily output, performance, and quality of warehouse and workplace environments no matter the size of the operation. From overhead and gantry cranes, to mobile or fixed cranes we can provide industrial cranes made for a variety of environments depending on the needs and requirements of our customers.

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Before they are installed at your workplace all of the industrial cranes supplied by the team at HES Cranes have been thoroughly inspected and safety tested for any faults and to ensure that they can operate as outlined without posing any risk to the operator or other employees or warehouse workers in the vicinity. Designed to safely allow for high usage and to carry heavy loads of raw materials, stock, or any other massive weights, our range of industrial cranes have been chosen from a selection of renowned manufacturers and designers to ensure that they will deliver continued and flawless service.

To learn more about the benefits of our range of industrial cranes or to speak to a member of our team about your unique industrial crane requirements business owners and warehouse operators are encouraged to contact us today.

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