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Lift loads that are far beyond human limits with ease and safety thanks to the professional crane and hoist solutions and services from the experts at HES Cranes. Having supplied, installed, and maintained cranes and hoists across Melbourne for years we have an innate understanding of how to deliver the best services possible to our customers from across all industries.

Dedicated to assisting customers working in a variety of environments and industrial specialisations HES Cranes can provide the best crane or hoist for the requirements of the environment. Made from resilient materials and designed to withstand extended use without wearing out Stahl Wire Rope Hoists are made to make life easier.

Designed for use in a variety of environments Stahl Wire Rope Hoists are considered a powerhouse in any space they are installed in. Making efficient use of the energy they consume our wire hoists come in a range of sizes for installation in differing dimensions.

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Get the Best Stahl Wire Rope Hoists Through HES Cranes

Give your business the best wire hoists on the market today thanks to the professionals at HES Cranes. Able to lift high-quantity loads safely, with stability, and with ease, our Stahl Wire Rope Hoists will deliver years of reliable service without an issue.

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