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Kito – Wire Rope

Kito – Wire Rope

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KITO PWB has been in Australia since 1923 and began distributing KITO electric hoists and manual hoists in 1986. Since 1923 we have been well regarded in the industry as a supplier of consistently providing high-quality products. We have a well earnt and successful history of supply to the Australian, New Zealand, and SE Asian markets.

Over the years we have developed and grown by recognising the value of our customers and responding to your needs. The daily mission
of our organisation is to provide you, the customer, with the highest quality in our products, service and support.

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In addition to our superior products and customised solutions, we offer a Sales and Customer Service team that is dedicated to serving you, a well qualified Engineering Department to support your technical needs and a full support staff who all know the importance of working together to provide solutions for your material handling projects.

We are working harder to be the supplier of choice for all of your hoist and lifting applications.

Increase in Productivity

Low-Load High-Speed function

Allows for hoist operation at 1.5 times the standard high speed with a load less than 25% of rated capacity to increase productivity.

VFD Dual Speed Controls on Hoist and Trolley
Provides ultimate lifting and lowering accuracy with:

  • Anti-jogging feature gradually slowing down a load
  • Soft start/stop minimises load swing
  • Adjustable high and low speed
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Thermal overload proctection
  • Condition monitoring
  • Phase protection
  • Fault finding
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Ease of Maintenance

Count Hour Meter

The number of starts and operating hours are easily accessible and displayed on the LED at the built-in inverter. This enables users to perform maintenance and inspections accordance with the frequency of use, thus a valuable tool for preventive maintenance.

High Performance Motor Brakes

The Pull-Rotor motor brake on 5t and Magnetic Disc Brake on 10t provide reliable operation and durability.

Maintenance free up to 1 million starts.

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High Level of Safety

Electronic Overload Limiter

Detects overload instantaneously and shuts off the circuit for lifting.

Externally Adjustable Upper/Lower Limit Switches

Set the desired range of operation with easy adjustment.

Upper Emergency Paddle Limit

Final limit in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.

Guide Rollers and Rubber Trolley Bumpers

Reduced wheel friction and noise providing smooth travel and increased life of wheel and beam. Provides protection from collisions.

Electronic Thermal Motor Protection

Detects overheating and stops the motor

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