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A HES Cranes Jib Crane makes for a convenient and low-cost solution to many manual handling issues, with either manual or motorized slewing ranging from 180 to 360 degrees. A Jib Crane can be easily and quickly installed to assist with your manual handling requirements.

HES Cranes are able to design, manufacture, install, commission & test Jib Cranes in Melbourne ranging from 50kg capacity for vacuum lifters up to a fully motorized crane for heavy lifting or lifting between floors.

HES Cranes are able to provide many different models available starting with the top braced Jib Crane for standard applications, the underbraced for lifting where headroom is at a premium and the articulated designed for tight areas, access around corners or lifting in areas with restricted space. All of these Jib Cranes for sale can be mounted from an existing building column or are available completely free-standing with their own column and base plate.

We can also manufacture bespoke solutions if required, including a food grade stainless steel construction & corrosion resistant with finishes in either our standard enamel, galvanized or an epoxy. This makes HES Cranes the best choice for any kind of Jib Crane your business might need.

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Workstation Floor Jib Crane

Workstation & Floor Jib Crane

You can rely on HES Cranes for a reliable and efficient floor Jib Crane that meets all your needs. These units are often portable, meaning you can move them to where they’re needed at any given time. This flexibility is especially useful where heavy lifting might be needed in any number of areas. While traditional Jib Cranes are fixe din place and useful for process lines, a floor Jib Crane can add that extra flexibility to keep things running smoothly.

Similarly, a workstation Jib Crane is designed for an area where lifting is required for working on heavy items. We have a great range to choose from, including different sizes and lift capacities so you can find the right workstation Jib Crane for your needs.

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All our Jib Cranes for sale are designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS1418.3. Instruction manuals & log books are provided with every Jib Crane we supply.

HES Cranes service team can expertly install, test & commission or relocate your Jib Crane in Australia. Our service team also provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme on all your cranes and hoisting equipment taking into account your equipment’s usage, environment, manufacturers’ requirements and Australian Standards. We will maintain your lifting equipment in line with Australian Standard AS2550.1 & current OH&S regulations.

For more information about our outstanding and hand-selected Jib Cranes for sale in Australia, contact us directly. Our 24-hour Breakdown Service Number is (03) 9480 7599.

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