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At HES Cranes, we have a fantastic range of vacuum lifting options to choose from, including bag lifters, box lifters and sack lifters. This range of lifters allows you to handle and lift any heavy object with ease, and means that regardless of what the object is, you have the right tools to handle them.

As with any of our vacuum lifters, by speaking to a member of our expert team, we can help determine which equipment will suit your needs best. Our box lifters, sack lifters and bag lifters are designed for specific items, as their names suggest, but with a full range that goes beyond these options, we’re confident we can help you find just what you’re looking for. You can be sure of high-quality equipment that we would use ourselves when you choose anything from HES Cranes, so be confident in your decision.

To find out more about our superior vacuum lifters in Melbourne, including the sheet lifter, tuber lifter, bag lifter, box lifter and sack lifter, business owners and warehouse operators can speak to a member of the HES Cranes team today. Talk to us to ask how we can optimise a solution to fit your requirements.

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