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HES Cranes have designed, manufactured and installed monorails cranes for customers from many industries, including the following crane types and features

  • Free-standing – suspended from columns or headers
  • Suspended – attached to existing roof structure or droppers
  • Curved – with bends of up to 90°
  • Food Grade and corrosion resistant
  • Switch gates or turntables also available
  • Low friction track systems
  • Pipe construction
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Monorail cranes can be fully motorized with an electric chain hoist & trolley or alternatively can be fitted out with a manual trolley and chain block for intermittent lifting.

If you require our service team also provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme on all your monorail cranes and hoisting equipment taking into account your equipment’s usage, environment, manufacturers’ requirements and Australian Standards, HES Cranes will maintain your lifting equipment in line with Australian Standard AS2550.1 & current OH&S regulations. 24-hour emergency breakdown service is available for all of our existing service clients.

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