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Rigging Gear Inspections

Rigging Gear Inspections

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Comprehensive Testing and Inspections for Rigging Gear

For assistance with inspections, maintenance and repairs for all your lifting and rigging assets, look no further than HES Cranes. Our technicians are highly experienced in testing, inspections, and field servicing, and we can come to you across Metropolitan Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Our services are also available in-house at our Preston and Campbellfield branches.

Our testing facilities include a 50-tonne Wirop Test Bed and a 10T Vertical Test Tower. This allows us to accommodate Electric Chain Hoists, Pneumatic Hoists, and Chain and Lever Blocks.

To ensure your equipment is safe, well maintained, and operating at its best, regular examinations and inspections are critical. Lifting gear inspections must be undertaken on a regular basis, and HES Cranes technicians offer the training, knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure superior results for you. Contact our LEEA qualified technicians today to get started.

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4 Reasons to Choose HES Cranes

  • We offer a complete solution (Supply, Manufacturing, Inspections, Testing, and Risk Management – including Take 5, Engineering, Certification, Design and Asset Reporting)
  • Minimise risk & maximise operating efficiency of your equipment
  • HES Cranes offers an advanced Asset Management System & Industry Leading Software (CORE Inspections).
  • 24/7 breakdown service & management of Lifting Assets, Height Safety, and Crane Servicing
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Our Priority Is Your Safety

At HES Cranes, we believe safety is paramount. That’s why we only offer equipment and services of the highest quality and standard. We partner with like-minded industry leaders across our supply chain network in order to deliver exceptional results across every aspect of our business.

As a flexible, independent team, we can always offer the best solution for your specific application. If issues arise with your gear, our convenient 24/7 repair service and maintenance programs mean less downtime for your business.

Call HES Cranes today for Onsite Inspections and Annual Testing Certification that meets Australian Standards and legislations – Our priority is your Safety!

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Offering the CORE Inspections Advantage

HES Cranes proudly offers the CORE Inspection system, which makes it easier than ever to manage, track, and visually inspect your equipment. The two main elements of the CORE Inspection System are the Online Lifting Equipment Register and the Field Inspection Application.

The CORE Inspection system makes it easier for us to issue Inspection Certificates and Test Certificates while viewing your Inspection History, Summary Reports, and other documentation in one place!

Using a mobile application, we can inspect your equipment quickly and thoroughly, meaning you can complete your critical inspections quickly and get back to using your gear and getting the job done.

What HES Cranes Visually Inspects, Tests and Certifies

The Rquipment Our Team Can Design

  • Chain Slings – Gr50, Gr80, Gr100 & Gr120
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Synthetic Slings (Flat Webbing and Endless Round)
  • HMPE Fibre Rope Slings
  • Chain Blocks up to 50T
  • Lever Blocks up to 9T
  • Push Trolleys
  • Girder Clamps
  • Plate Clamps
  • Hoists and Winches (Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic)
  • Aluminium and Steel Gantry Cranes
  • Wire Ropes
  • Crane Ropes
  • Hooks
  • Eye Bolts
  • Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles
  • Load Rings, Weld-On Rings, Anchor Plates
  • Concrete Panel Lifters
  • Shackles
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Sheave Blocks

Working at Heights Equipment:

What Hes Cranes

  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • Karabiner
  • Fall Arrestor
  • Rope Grab
  • Rescue Kit
  • Roofers Kit
  • Static Lines
  • Tripod Systems
  • Davit System
  • Permanently Installed Anchors

Fabricated & Bespoke Lifting Equipment:

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  • Lifting Beams
  • Spreader Beams
  • Equalisers
  • Spreader Beam End Caps
  • Work Boxes
  • Man Cages
  • Forklift Work Platform
  • Forklift Jibs & Extendable Forklift Boom
  • Drum Handling Equipment
  • Oxy/Acetylene Lifting Frames & Trolleys
  • Lifting Cages
  • Pallet Lifting Cages
  • Pallet Lifting Bars
  • Goods and Tool Cages
  • Kibble Bins
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Certification Services

  • Magnetic Particle Test (MPI/FMPI/MT)
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Third-Party Design Verification
  • Structural and Mechanical Certification – Registered Practitioner
  • Proof Load Test Certificates can also be supplied to Australian Standards.
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Get Started with Comprehensive Testing, Inspections, and Servicing Today

Book our services in Campbellfield or Preston or arrange for HES Cranes to come to you across Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria. To get started, call us today on 1800 HES CRANES.

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